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Published Aug 25, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, We will be rolling out a hot-fix, currently scheduled for Thursday, August 25th at 5:00 PM PDT (Midnight UTC), with the following changes: • Crimson Strait: Fixed collision...
Published Aug 24, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, The Energy Draw Public Test Server is being updated with a number of value adjustments based on feedback, discussions, and additional testing since the Energy Draw PTS began...
Published Aug 22, 2016
Five unique 'Mech variants will be newly-available for purchase with MC after the August 23rd patch! Cicada CDA-3F 3,095 MC Executioner EXE-C 7,200 MC Nova NVA-D 3,640 MC Wolverine...
Published Aug 22, 2016
Upcoming Patch - Tuesday August 23rd @ 10AM PDT - 1PM PDT Patch Number: 1.4.81 Patch Size: ~860 MB (Standalone Client) ~1.3 GB (Steam) Please note that due to compression differences the Steam...
Published Aug 19, 2016
Published Aug 18, 2016
Information Post for Accessing the Public Test servers Energy Draw PTS Sub-ForumPlease direct all of your feedback into that sub-forum UPDATE! CHANGE LOG FOR THE AUGUST 23RD UPDATES TO ENERGY DRAW...
Published Aug 17, 2016
PRE-ORDER THE CYCLOPS HERE! CYCLOPS : 1 day to release! Watch the archive of today's Cyclops MechLab Preview from NGNGtv here on YouTube! CYCLOPS : 2 days to release Cockpit Preview CYCLOPS :...
Published Aug 15, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, We'd like to set up a Machinima Contest at MechCon for all of you very creative MechWarriors of the community! Here’s how it works: 1)  Create a video (5 minutes maximum)...
Published Aug 12, 2016
Greetings MechWarriors, Our three year anniversary since leaving Open Beta approaches, and to commemorate the occasion we're excited to announce our 2016 Customer Appreciation Rewards Program!...
Published Aug 12, 2016
Skye March Tactical Feed

The Earth Next Door

[KM-GEN] Hercu1 a posted Fri at 3:15

Astronomers find an exoplanet that could be habitable ...and it’s as close to us as it could possibly be, circling our neighbor, Proxima Centauri.

Source Article:

[GEN-A] Arturus Steiner a How cool is that? They're talking about launching a bunch of microsatellites to Proxima Centauri, powered by a mega...

Event Highlights

Greetings MechWarriors,

Welcome to the 'Weight of the World' Personal Challenge and Leaderboard Event!

We're trying something a little different for this Event, with four Personal Challenges and four Leaderboards to cover the four Weight Classes.

Cumulative Challenge Details and Conditions

The Personal Challenge portions of this event are based on cumulative achievements in Quick Play only! Faction Play matches do not count toward these cumulative goals.

Check out the Goal and Rewards tables below for all Reward items and conditions. These Goals are cumulative, so achieving a total of 2,500 DMG in the Medium Weight Class Personal Challenge before August 23rd at 10:00 AM PDT would reward you with 2 Supply Caches. Likewise, racking up a combined total of 2,500,000 C-Bills in the Assault Weight Class through the course of the event will reward you with an additional one-time reward of 25 MC and 500,000 C-Bills.

Your progress in a Personal Challenge component is specific to each Weight Class! Matches in which you've used a Light 'Mech will only contribute toward your progress for the Light 'Mech Personal Challenge, for example.

However, you are not limited to playing in a single Weight Class for this Event. If you wish you could simply attempt to achieve only certain goals for certain Weight Classes.


Each Weight Class only has a single Leaderboard. All 'Mechs within the same Weight Class will contribute to the same Leaderboard.

The 'Most Contributing Mech' column is automatically populated according to whichever 'Mech chassis has contributed the highest cumulative Score (in the least amount of matches) across the 10 Best Overall Matches for that player.

'Total Score' is the total score for that player as a whole in the associated Leaderboard, according to the standard Formula listed in the Leaderboard Event Conditions.

wamX stood at the front of the room, a wee bit nervous of his first full fledged announcement to the Regiment.

He looked back at The Zipper and then to the room before setting his hands on the podium in front of him.

"Mechwarriors, it has been an interesting month..."

wamX trailed for a few moments, talking up the Regiment before getting to promotions and awards.

"It has been a slow month for everyone, lots of work and medical attention all around...

but nonetheless, we have three promotions for the month of July"

"Jonas, Templar, and Davros are to be promoted to SSGM"

wamX gave a respectful glance to the three Mechwarriors, before pulling out an additional slip of paper with a small piece of metal attached to it.

"I also have a special award for The Zipper..."

His face began to bear the same lippy grin that got him in a funny spot in the first place

"For his current recovery and acquisition of a lostech battlemech... the WLKR-1R..."

wamX snickered

"I present Zipper with this certificate... of 15% off the Early Bird special at any participating restaurant"

He handed Zipper the paper, which turned out to be a piece of standard copy paper with red crayon writing all over it.

"On a more serious note Mechwarriors... Jade Falcon is getting entirely out of hand. Our outposts on Skye are being hunted down and gutted, and Steiner territory is becomming endangered"

wamX motioned to the Zipper

"Just look at what they did to our beloved post-it note!"

"Lets get out there, and rip these vat-born scum apart. Brigade up!"

[SSGM] SHRedo these little storys are allways cool to read.keep it up guys d[@_@]d
[LT-COL] MechWrecher Congrats All!!! well deserved :) see you on the battlefield
[LT-COL] Sevronis Yeah, it's good to see that the 'roleplay' posts from the 4th didn't end with Zipper.

Reports of the ongoing invasion blasted from the television across the office. Then came the news about a group of Grey Death mercenaries assisting with a retreat of steiner forces. He sent them there knowing it would be a losing battle, but that was not the mission anyway. The mission was complete when the retreating mechs managed to reach their dropships and pull out. Sweat rolled down the side of his face as he watched tensely at the live feed from the orbiting sattellite. Two of his mechs looked badly broken but held on long enough to barely make it into Phobos.

"Damn it all! I should be there!" LT-COL Sevronis exclaimed as he slammed down an empty glass. It was bad enough his crew was stretched out thin and repair costs mostly outweighed the income, but right now he couldn't even join the fight. His left leg was in a cast, propped up on his desk. It wasn't log before he realized what made this situation worse - he was out of rum.

"Well at least they put up a good fight." He reached over to his keyboard, and rested it on his lap. "They deserve their pay at least. Report is about due soon anyway," he stated and started typing.

To: Skye Command
From: LT-COL Sevronis, GDL RCOM

Subject: Grey Death Legion Regimental Report

Greetings Command,

The battles have been hard fought, but pulling through. My crew have successfully assisted in the retreat of Steiner forces against Clan onslaught on...a planet I cannot remember the name of. I have attached all documented papers for assigned engagements as well as award submissions and changes. That will be all.


LT-COL Sevronis

P.S. - May negotiate additonal resources on next contract. I'm out of rum over here.



Michel Hatchet - SenSGM
Theman265 - SSG
Fester Miller - SG
Kurbeks - SG
Araevin - SG
USTheComedian -SCP


Kurbeks - Senior Tournament Qualified

Transferred to GDL Reserves

Transferred to Dropship Reserves

Congrats on the promotions guys!

It is with great pleasure I announce the 'Mechwarrior of the Month for August is KM DanTheMayTagMan, BCOM in the 1st Skye Jaegers.

Concurrent with this honor, DanTheMayTagMan is awarded the McKennsey Hammer (McH) Medal and his name will be in the User Spotlight of all our Rosters for the month.

Thanks for the service and hard work for the guild!

.../Salute !

[LT] Leitzout Hey, I bought a new mic too. Congrats Dan, well deserved, and not just for buying a mic.
[LT] SuperNobody Congratulations Dan!


PGI has announced an event and a sale for this weekend (and a few days after)!

There will be a challenge on this weekend, with light battlemechs fighting for places on leadership boards. All players can also pick up some nice items and rewards on the side just for playing matches. Not a bad little event to keep your weekend interesting!

If you don't have any good light 'mechs, don't worry. PGI have also announed a 35% off sale on all light 'mechs, including champions and heroes!

For Skye!

[SG] Kurbeks Unless you go buy hero's then sale discount is so big that you can ice cream with saved money. Will try Jenner/oxi...

One of the best space games ever, Free! An rpg sandbox type from Chris Roberts back in the day.  Active server, and mod "Discovery Freelancer".  

Come play this classic.  Here's a forum thread to get you installed and in-game. You're welcome ;-)

Pop out

[SGM] Greeseman used to play with a group called MC ran our own servers for several years. Cant wait to see you guys inside.
[SenSGM] William Slayer Wow Freelancer! Didn't know it still was played. Great game, thanks Pop, I will look into this.
[CP] Garrick Kael I played the heck out of Freelancer back in the day.
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August 2016
Cyclops GO
kill da cyclops event :)
Welcome DangerRazor & MeePee !
Haven't really played today. But i'm usualy getting almost instant games. I'm using both EU and NA servers though
Anyone else experiencing really long search times for a Quick Play game?
I'm still here. Been working. Hope to get back on with you guys. Need a reinvite to unit though
Welcome PrototypeIV !
Welcome WingedMediocrity !
It just happens. But i guess some players have to stopped playing assults. As they have gained enough score.
also AAAHH, to match maker, 24 hours ago even losing teams were good and was getting scores, now teams are timid and crumbling quickly :(
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